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Anatomy of the Rotator Cuff

June 11, 2012



  An injury to the rotator cuff can be very painful, not to mention make simple tasks like putting on a shirt or picking up a gallon of milk very difficult.  When I see a patient who has a torn rotator cuff, rotator cuff tendinitis, or rotator cuff “impingement,” I spend a good amount of […]

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Om. Ow. Meditation on Yoga’s Harmful Effects

February 15, 2012


  I was listening to Fresh Air recently, one of my favorite programs on NPR where Terry Gross interviews a variety of people from directors to musicians or other people in popular culture.  I was particularly interested in listening when I heard the episode would be about yoga.  “Many of yoga’s truths go beyond the truth […]

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Specialty Physical Therapy Practices

October 13, 2010


Many people do not realize that most physical therapists specialize.  In more general terms, physical therapists treat patients either inpatient or outpatient, which means essentially while they are in the hospital or out of the hospital.  Just within the company that I work for, HealthReach, there are several specialty therapy services including geriatrics, sports medicine, […]

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Your First PT Appointment – Expectations

January 17, 2010


Most of my patients come in to their first physical therapy appointment with their prescription- a scribbling of jargon they may or may not understand- and no idea what to expect.  They may have known someone who has gone through physical therapy before, or perhaps heard about it as an option, but never really knew […]

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The Importance of Being Compliant: PT works best as prescribed

December 11, 2009


“You want me to do how many repetitions?!”  “How many times a day?!”  “Will I have time to eat?”  “I’m really busy at work.”  “I completely forgot about that one.” As someone who has had to rehab injuries in the past, I really understand how difficult staying vigilant and compliant with a home exercise program […]

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Cortisone Injections: Helpful or Harmful?

October 30, 2009


Should I get a cortisone injection? Are they safe?  Do they help?  Is it a steroid?  Is it just going to mask the real problem?  Will it do more harm than good to the body in the end? These are just a few of the questions that I am frequently asked regarding cortisone injections.  Physicians […]

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The spine, to the core!

October 8, 2009

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Most of my clients have some kind of spinal dysfunction or pain, whether it be neck pain, back pain, or abnormal posture. Here is an abridged lesson about the spine including a few facts about anatomy, risk factors for pain, and how to preserve and maintain spinal joint health. In most people, the spine is […]

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