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Stroke Warning Signs: Know it When You See it

February 28, 2012



I’ve recently met a few people, including those who have had a stroke, that did not know how to identify the warning signs of a stroke. Since February is American Heart Month, I thought this would be a good time to share with you a few facts on what stroke is and how to identify […]

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Om. Ow. Meditation on Yoga’s Harmful Effects

February 15, 2012


  I was listening to Fresh Air recently, one of my favorite programs on NPR where Terry Gross interviews a variety of people from directors to musicians or other people in popular culture.  I was particularly interested in listening when I heard the episode would be about yoga.  “Many of yoga’s truths go beyond the truth […]

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Sleep and Its Impact on Your Physical Therapy

April 29, 2011



Since the news about the air traffic controllers a few weeks ago, it seems like the topic of sleep is being discussed everywhere. When I initially evaluate my patients I ask about their sleep habits and make recommendations on which positions might be the best and those to avoid.  The position in which one chooses […]

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